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This video is tremendous, especially the thought that Berry helps us lose the pronoun “me” and welcomes the idea of community.

Peterson’s insight lives and breathes, especially in how the stories of the Bible and the stories written by great writers are bringing forth such simple insights into the Gospel.

I’m working on some thoughts about confession, I’m wondering if we do not insult the idea of confession by simply owning up to an act and not the life of inattentiveness and distraction that creates failure and distance from God. If we are to be true to confession, we have to be true to the individual and community weakness that leads to that act, and in so doing tell a story in our confession. Instead of “Forgive me for my anger” we should be saying “Yesterday I was thinking about how people don’t give me what I need or what I think they should give me, and I lashed out at someone, mainly because you’re not enough to sustain me.”

This is brutal for me to meditate on, which is the point. Y tu?

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